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LB&P works mainly with clients operating within IT, TMT and e-commerce. We know the specifics of the new technologies sector and that allows us to propose practical solutions, taking into account typical risks, market practice and upcoming changes.

LB&P has been created as a result of the further development of Leśniewski Legal. It is formed by people with experience gained in one of the largest Polish advisory companies, as well as in specialized projects realized for international clients.

Our second brand privacyfoxes.com, is dedicated to implementing solutions for cross-border personal data flows.

Grzegorz Leśniewski
Attorney at law/partner

Advising since 2009. His main areas of practice include personal data protection, the law of new technologies and M&A.
For 6 years professionally connected with one of the major law firms in Poland, where for the last 2 years he has been managing the company’s Warsaw office and was responsible for the development of best practice regarding implementation of GDPR and personal data protection regulations.

He has developed the boutique law firm Leśniewski Legal, under which he advised on, among others, the implementation of GDPR by a Norwegian global provider of telecommunications and cable television services.
Data Protection Officer at one of the major cloud computing companies in Poland since the entry of GDPR.
He managed the implementation of numerous, merger, acquisition and restructuring processes, as well as negotiations in the process of buying/selling companies.
Attorney entered into the list of attorneys kept by the District Bar Council in Warsaw, Poland (entry number: WAW/Adw/7537).

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Strategic adviser

His former clients count, among others, the largest Polish social networking site (14 million active users), one of the largest multinational e-commerce businesses in the footwear industry, as well as the market leader of call-center services in Poland. He has advised them in the fields of corporate matters, personal data processing, competition and consumer protection, intellectual and industrial property (trademarks), as well as in M&A processes.

International experience

He supports clients operating globally, including successful negotiations and disputes with companies from different continents. He has worked in multinational teams while living, among others, in Brussels and Oslo during projects that required his strategic advisory regarding the legal environment of companies operating in many different jurisdictions (including the telecommunications industry in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro and Hungary).

Writer and speaker

He is the author of three books concerning personal data protection and a number of publications related to the law of electronic media. He has conducted dozens of customized trainings for his clients and has been a speaker at many conferences.

Mateusz Borkiewicz
Attorney at law/partner

Advising since 2010. Associated with one of the major law firms in Poland for almost 5 years, where he also held a managerial position with primary responsibility for the practices regarding GDPR and TMT industries in general.

He has advised on strategic topics concerning, among others, issues of unfair competition, protection of trademarks, domain disputes, spam, violations of personal rights on the Internet (particularly in the context of hate speech towards public figures), managerial bribery and , or computer crimes. At the same time, he was involved in pro bono projects in cooperation with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

He has served as Data Security Administrator and Data Protection Officer in several companies operating in financial services, retail and automotive sectors.

Attorney entered into the list of attorneys kept by the District Bar Council in Wrocław, Poland (entry number: WRO/Adw/1620).
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Reliable counselor

He has advised leaders in the internet, production, chemical and automotive industries, including companies from the top of prestigious Polish and international rankings of the best companies.
He is equally involved in strategic projects as well as ongoing consultancy, particularly in the areas related to the provision of electronic services, personal data protection, advertising and marketing law, consumer law, cloud computing, intellectual property law and recurrent corporate issues.

Experienced auditor

He has managed a number of e-commerce and personal data protection audits, also before the entry into force of GDPR, including audits with cross-border context within global capital groups. He developed and implemented processes necessary from a legal point of view, each time taking into account the business needs of his clients.

Author and speaker

He is the author of two books concerning personal data protection and many professional publications. He has spoken at a number of conferences and trainings in the field of his specialization, also as part of webinars.

Joanna Szumiło, Attorney at law

Since 2013, she advises entrepreneurs and commercial partnerships, including providing ongoing support and design legal solutions for the IT industry. Besides graduating from the University of Wroclaw, she also studied law in Great Britain at Cambridge University (Diploma of Higher Education in Law and the Law of the European Union) and at University of Sussex, as well as psychology at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (cognitive issues).

Joanna is a specialist in process strategies. She conducts proceedings regarding copyright and licensing of programming products – both in civil and criminal aspects. She designs new legal solutions and adapts existing ones to the needs of the information technology sector. She supports the protection of personal data and develops and implements internal procedures in the field of counteracting money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Natalia Wojciechowska, legal adviser

Advising since 2014. She gained experience in renowned law firms in Szczecin and Wrocław, and as an in-house lawyer at an IT company.

She is responsible for providing comprehensivecomplex, ongoing legal services to businesses entities in the IT industry, particularly in the fields of labor law, copyrights, personal data processing and corporate matters. She participated in comprehensive GDPR audits.

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