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LB&P works mainly with clients operating within IT, TMT and e-commerce. We know the specifics of the new technologies sector and that allows us to propose practical solutions, taking into account typical risks, market practice and upcoming changes.

We also specialize in public procurement, environmental laws and waste management regulations.

LB&P has been created as a result of the further development of Leśniewski Legal. It is formed by people with experience gained in one of the largest Polish advisory companies, as well as in specialized projects realized for international clients.

Our second brand privacyfoxes.com, is dedicated to implementing solutions for cross-border personal data flows.

We are members of the following organizations: the Polish Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications and Waste Management Employers’ Union.

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Grzegorz Leśniewski
Attorney at law/partner

Advising since 2009. His main areas of practice include personal data protection, IP, the law of new technologies, M&A and negotiations.

For 6 years professionally connected with one of the major law firms in Poland, where for the last 2 years he was managing the company’s Warsaw office and was responsible for the development of best practice regarding implementation of GDPR and personal data protection regulations.

Later he developed the boutique law firm Leśniewski Legal, under which he advised on, among others, the implementation of GDPR by a Norwegian global provider of telecommunications and cable television services.

Data Protection Officer at one of the major cloud computing companies in Poland since the entry of GDPR.

He managed the implementation of numerous merger, acquisition and restructuring processes, as well as negotiations in the process of buying/selling companies.

Attorney entered into the list of attorneys kept by the District Bar Council in Warsaw, Poland (entry number: WAW/Adw/7537).

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Mateusz Borkiewicz
Attorney at law/partner

Advising since 2010. Associated with one of the major law firms in Poland for almost 5 years, where he also held a managerial position with primary responsibility for the practices regarding GDPR and TMT industries in general.

He has advised on strategic topics concerning, among others, issues of unfair competition, protection of trademarks, domain disputes, spam, violations of personal rights on the Internet (particularly in the context of hate speech towards public figures), managerial bribery and , or computer crimes. At the same time, he was involved in pro bono projects in cooperation with the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights.

He has served as Data Security Administrator and Data Protection Officer in several companies operating in financial services, retail and automotive sectors.

Attorney entered into the list of attorneys kept by the District Bar Council in Wrocław, Poland (entry number: WRO/Adw/1620).
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Urszula Ilnicka – Karaban
Attorney at law

Advising since 2012. Urszula was associated with one of the largest law firms in Poland where she managed a team of advisors for close to 4 years. Then, for another 4 years, she advised on corporate issues, among other things, as an in-house lawyer of a leading receivables management provider.

She has rendered legal support regarding strategic issues concerning violation of trade secrets, participated in online store launch projects, due diligence related to personal data, acquisition of consumer finance entities, employment optimisation, including implementation of voluntary redundancy programs, and also management of key legal risks in acquisition of debt portfolios.

Her interests include corporate law, intellectual property law, new technologies law, and all aspects of commercial law.

Registered with the Wrocław Bar Association (reg. no. WR-2979).

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Tomasz Miś
Attorney at law

Advising since 2009. His areas of interest are mainly public procurement law, waste management law, and construction works contracts, including those executed in accordance with FIDIC Conditions of Contract.  He has collaborated with major Polish law firms that operate on an international scale.

Tomasz has conducted contractor selection and negotiations with contractors in projects for Polish power plants consisting in upgrades of steam boilers and construction of flue-gas desulfurization system for three steam boilers. He has prepared tender documentation (model contract) in a sector-specific public procurement procedure in the form of open tender for the reduction of NOx in boilers of one of the Polish power plants.

He represents clients bidding in public procurement procedures (in construction, waste management, medical industry, public road maintenance, etc.) before the National Appeals Chamber and Regional Courts.

He has published in numerous trade journals. In November 2015 he started regular collaboration with sozosfera.pl where he publishes articles on the topics related to waste management and public procurement law.

Attorney-at-Law registered with the Wrocław Bar Association (reg. no. WR-3396).

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Natalia Wojciechowska – Chałupińska
Attorney at law

Advising since 2014. Natalia has gained her experience in prominent law firms in Szczecin and Wrocław and working in the Legal Department of an IT corporation.

She provides comprehensive services to economic operators from the IT industry (including cloud computing providers, software houses, and an international software engineering provider), mainly in the area of labour law, copyright, personal data processing, and corporate affairs. She supports businesses in negotiations of all types of contracts required in their operations.

She has participated in numerous strategic project, including GDPR audits, which involved implementation of personal data protection procedures. She has supported international corporations in entering the Polish market (comprehensive advisory on strategy, business model, and then preparation of complete documentation, including to fulfill labour law requirements).

Attorney-at-Law registered with the Wrocław Bar Association (reg. no. WR-3771).

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Jakub Pacan
Tax Adviser

Graduate of the Faculty of Economic Sciences at the Wrocław University of Economics and Business – Master of Economics – 2011.

In his practice he specialises in ongoing tax consultancy services to commercial companies, both in relation to direct and indirect taxes. He has successfully advised leading Polish and international corporations both on tax obligations and tax optimisation.

His experience also includes successful projects in the field of transfer pricing, including analysis of compliance with the arm’s length principle. He has also coordinated projects aimed at using reductions and exemptions available to taxable persons for dozens of companies, among them WIG20- and WIG40-listed companies.

He has gained his experience in prominent tax consultancy firms, including two of the Big Four. Currently, he is also sharing his knowledge and experience with the students of the Wrocław University of Economics and Business.

Tax Adviser since 2014 – Member of the Lower Silesia Division of the National Chamber of Tax Advisers

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Jacek Cieśliński
Attorney at law trainee

Advising since 2015. He focuses on supporting technology companies (protection of personal data / know-how, IP, IT law, e-commerce, AI law).

Jacek has provided ongoing legal advice to one of the leading e-commerce firms in Poland, which involved the use of advanced marketing tools, including behavioural advertising and remarketing in collaboration with prominent advertising networks. He has supervised database mergers / aggregations in capital groups.

Jacek has supported launch of mobile applications, advised on the adaptation of loyalty programs to the GDPR requirements. He also has taken part in the works on a system automating the process of obtaining copyright to User Generated Content (project for a company listed on the WSE).

His experience also includes comprehensive legal assistance in VR project development and support in consumer relations rendered to a renowned provider of premium household appliances.

Co-author of a legal opinion for a complaint to the ECHR on the taxation of compensation for bankruptcy of a large IT company from Wrocław (computer manufacturer).

Speaker at numerous conferences, author of training programs on risk analysis in IT industry and other topics.

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Marta Maliszewska
Attorney at law trainee

Marta specialises in legal advisory related to new technologies, personal data protection, marketing and all aspects of e-commerce, competition and consumer protection.

During her professional career she has participated in a number of audits assessing compliance and implementation of the European data protection regulation (GDPR) in domestic companies and international capital groups. She has advised high-profile online stores and platforms in Poland. She has also participated in the creation and audits of numerous websites and mobile applications.

Her several years of experience covers advisory to leaders of the IT and e-commerce industry, including support in building marketing strategies and ongoing sales and promotional activities.

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