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About specialization

Mergers, acquisitions, sales, conversions and divisions of organisations are one of our leading specialisations.

Every business faces constant changes, we understand that. They usually involve the need to change the form of establishment, to attract investors, to obtain financing, or to exit or join a venture.

Whether the plan involves internal reorganisation (intra-group transactions), dynamic growth through the purchase or acquisition of another company, or perhaps an exit from the business (e.g. selling shares), we know how to carry out these safely, optimally for all parties and with minimal operational and tax costs. One of our particular strengths is projects relating to technology companies, online shops and IT organisations, as we know those sectors inside out.

Each year, we advise on more than a dozen such processes that often involve cross-border aspects, real estate, negotiating with demanding partners from all over the world. We also coordinate the work of law firms from different countries.

How can we help?

  • Preparation of the company for sale, division, transformation and other transaction, including pre-due diligence.
  • Due diligence (DD) of businesses or their assets (resources) being purchased in terms of legal risks.
  • Feasibility studies for transactions, including the development of the transaction structure, timelines, identification of legal and business requirements for successful implementation of assumptions, and minimisation of tax and operational costs.
  • Preparation of draft agreements for the sale of shares, assets (company resources), parts of a business, or investment agreements.
  • Development of security mechanisms for both parties to the transaction, including payment of the price and seller’s liability.
  • Negotiation of contracts and transaction documentation, including the necessary corporate documentation (amending the memorandum or articles of association).
  • Assistance in and organisation of notarial appointments, experts, valuations of companies or their assets.
  • Preparation of post-transaction documentation, registration of changes in relevant registers, support in post-transaction integration of companies (including acquisition of employees, databases, customers, and licences).

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New Partner in LBKP!


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