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Real estate law is one of the key specialisations for our clients – the theme of real estate comes up in connection with virtually every business in Poland. It may be the purchase or lease of real estate, as well as its tax or legal assessment. Real estate projects are often a key aspect in M&A transactions – land or buildings are owned by the company being purchased or are part of an organised part of the company being sold, which requires, for example, the buyer to enter into a lease.

The real estate market, due to the diversity of needs, is currently more diversified than ever (not least due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic). For some of our clients, operating within a so-called co-working space is sufficient. Other clients rent offices of several hundred or several thousand metres. Still others own multi-storey office buildings or multi-hectare land.

Irrespective of the scale or needs – each of the above situations involves a legal issue, including, among others, negotiation of a contract (lease, rental, purchase of real estate, etc.) or analysis of its legal status: from a simple verification of the land and mortgage register status to an extensive audit (due diligence), in which practically every aspect of the real estate is examined, including taxation.

What do we help you with?

– Comprehensive analysis of the legal status of real estate, including conducting due diligence processes on real estate or legal entities with significant real estate assets,
– comprehensive services for real estate development companies and individual real estate transactions; including the handling and implementation of large development projects at all stages of their implementation.
– drafting and providing opinions on development, preliminary, real estate transfer and lease agreements, including: conducting negotiations on behalf of the client,
– analysis and negotiation of commercial real estate acquisition agreements, including negotiations with leading players in the hotel industry,
– handling residential and commercial real estate lease agreements,
– servicing residential communities and property managers,
– Execution and enforcement of security interests in real estate contracts, including lease agreements,
– representation in real estate disputes.

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