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Every contract, T&Cs, or action in business has certain tax consequences. Sometimes they are different than the legal qualification of the act.

Designing advice, transactions or documents, we review them looking for potential tax obligations, current practice of the authorities and any planned changes. We work with tax advisors, experts and accountants. This results in comprehensive solutions that are feasible and secure, not only legally but also fiscally.

How can we help?

  • Evaluation of planned transactions − we review them in terms of tax implications.
  • Employment optimisation − we create and implement various remuneration models for employees, associates, as well as managers and board members.
  • Assessment of flows in groups of companies − we help structure cash transfers.
  • Proper records − we develop the principles of documenting specific transactions, taking into account proper identification of the tax point or transfer pricing.
  • Feasibility studies − we prepare feasibility studies with particular emphasis on the tax context for transactions involving spin-off of organised parts of the business, transfer of trademarks, etc.
  • Applications for individual tax interpretations − we draft applications, contact the tax authority and handle cases at the stage of court proceedings.
  • Avoidance of double taxation − we advise in the context of international treaties.

How do we help?

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Grzegorz Leśniewski

Managing Partner, Attorney at law

+48 531 871 707 Contact

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New Partner in LBKP!


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