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As advisors, we have been involved in the legal protection of personal data since 2010, when the “old” Data Protection Act was in force.

Supporting Poland’s largest social network and other entities over the years, we have had real impact on shaping the authorities’ practice in this area.

That experience made us naturally prepared for the implementation of GDPR for our clients from 2018 onwards, always in accordance with clients’ specific needs.

How can we help?

  • Verification of the obligation and scope of application of GDPR in day-to-day operations – we check which provisions are relevant to your business.
  • Legal audits – we verify the solutions used, including post-implementation review. More details in Services.
  • GDPR standards across the organisation – we coordinate implementation within groups of companies and the cooperation between individual departments.
  • Corporate records – we draft the necessary documents.
  • Negotiations with business partners – we are a part of the client’s negotiation team in implementing new solutions or developing existing ones.
  • Risk assessment – we conduct data protection impact assessments (DPIA, preDPIA).
  • Transfer to third countries – we consider and secure cross-border transfers of personal data, both within groups of companies and in relationships with business partners.
  • Cooperation – we take over the task of communication with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office and with individuals whose data is processed in the company.
  • Training – we provide training and e-learning modules for employees. We prepare training materials.
  • External Data Protection Officer – we act as your company’s DPO. More details in Services.
  • Litigation – we defend our clients’ rights before courts of all instances.

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ICLG – Report on data protection in Poland


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