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A GDPR compliance audit is a detailed verification of a company’s level of personal data protection.

We will identify and verify the processes involved in persona data processing in your company. We will create practical recommendations, the implementation of which will reduce the risk of reputational damage and severe financial penalties that may result from an audit. Meaningfully, without unnecessary wordiness or copy-pasting regulations, and in a way that streamlines rather than paralyses corporate processes.

How can we help?

  • Process mapping – we identify data processing model in all departments of your organisation.
  • Verification of correctness and effectiveness – we verify the company’s solutions in the long term perspective.
  • Resource control – we compare the company’s resources with legal requirements and market practice.
  • Report with conclusions – we identify risks, highlighting the key ones.
  • Action plan – we create a timeline and a list of steps to be taken, assist with their implementation and the allocation of tasks within the organisation.
  • Documentation – we prepare documents tailored to the processes identified: necessary registers, policies and procedures, model contracts and questionnaires.
  • Post-implementation audit – we verify the correctness of the changes introduced, confirm passing the audit and compliance of the company’s practices in specific areas.

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