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IP BOX is a tax relief applicable both to personal and corporate income tax (PIT and CIT) for entrepreneurs who gain income from intellectual property rights that they create (such as a sale of a computer program copyright or licensing).

It allows you to reduce taxation on part of your income to 5%, which makes a noticeable difference – it is simply worthwhile. The use of IP BOX is currently very popular among representatives of the IT industry – both corporations and individuals working as sole proprietors, including software developers, graphic designers, project managers and many others.

Get in touch to find out if your business is eligible for IP BOX. If so, we will help you apply for an individual tax interpretation – with our expert support you will have a greater chance of approval and then correct implementation and administration of that tax relief.

How can we help?

  • Verification of entitlement to relief – we verify the validity of preferential taxation claim. We analyse the contracts you have signed with your business partners.
  • Preparation of a tax interpretation application – we prepare and submit applications concerning previous and subsequent years. We represent clients before tax authorities.
  • Support in administration – we work with accountants specialising in IP BOX. We help with tax returns.

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